About the Community Outreach and Extension Programme

The Community Outreach and Extension Programme of St. Joseph's College, Darjeeling is a community engagement initiative that aims to create a positive impact on the local community through various programs and activities. The programme focuses on addressing the social, economic, and environmental issues faced by the marginalized communities in the Darjeeling district. It provides opportunities for students and faculty members to engage in volunteerism and community service, and promotes awareness and advocacy on various issues such as health and hygiene, skill development, environmental conservation, and more. Through this programme, St. Joseph's College, Darjeeling is committed to creating a better society and fostering social responsibility among its stakeholders.

Programme Name



1. National Cadet Corps (NCC) 
  1. Students interested in a military career, in their character formation and training in disciplined life are encouraged to join the college units of the NCC (Boys and Girls).
Dr. Dhiraj Brahman (Boys)
Ms. Emrencia Xalxo (Girls)
2. National Service Scheme (NSS) 
  1. Students interested in helping the less privileged people in society, in learning team work and in developing their character and personality are encouraged to join the college unit of the NSS.
Mr. Balaram Sapkota
Fr. Binay Xavier Kandulna S.j.
3.All India Catholic University Students Federation (AICUF)
  1.  Students who would like to develop a critical and creative approach to life, involve in studies and activities linked to broader social issues and struggles with a view to become a constructive force within the college and outside, are encouraged to join the AICUF unit, irrespective of their religions.
Fr. Frank Subba S.J.
4. Current Affairs Forum (CAF)
  1. It aims to make our students aware of the changing socio-political, cultural and economic trends by organizing seminars, and by creating wall paper magazines and project works.
Mr. Ashish Chettri
5. Nature Club
  1. This club was set up to generate environmental awareness amongst members of the College community through participation in various activities in and around the College.
Dr. Upakar rai
6. Information and Technology Club (ITC)
  1. The Information and Technology Club of St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling was started in the year 2005 with the students of the Computer Science and Applications Department as its member. The club is student oriented and focusses on the holistic development of its member in the field of IT and Technology.
Mr. Prashant Mangar
7. Media (Film, Photography and Videography) Club
  1. Established in May 2004, the Film Club is the forum that enables the students understand the meaning of education. Its logo is FFOCUS- Film Focus on Challenging an Unjust Society and its aims are:
    1. Critically evaluating the relevance of education at the undergraduate level,
    2. To sensitize the academic community about the structural biases in society,
    3. To promote current debates centering visual representation,
    4. To build visual archives in the hills, particularly in respect to its history and developments.
Mr. Vikram Rai
8. Management Club
  1. Management Club was conceived and operated from the year 2009 to foster corporate perspectives among the BBA students of St. Joseph's College. The main focus is to enable the students to explore their managerial talents through thought-provoking activities.
Mrs. Meenakshi Pradhan Thakuri
Mrs. Sushma Gurung.
9. Cultural Committee
  1. The Cultural Committee of the college organizes various cultural programmes such as musical fest, quiz competitions, one-act plays, debates, elocutions, extempore contests, seminars, workshops, etc., on departmental, inter-departmental and inter-college basis.
Dr. Radha Sharma
10. Art Club
  1. The main objective of “ART CLUB” is to encourage the budding talent of the students.
Ms. Barkha Rai
11. Games and Sports
  1. Sports and games are part of College life. These are organized periodically and all students are encouraged to take part in them.
Mr. Rewaz Gurung
12. Music Club
  1. The Club was established in 2012 as a platform for students with interest in music. The club members are also the official college choir and as such perform in all college functions.
13. Science and Research Club
Dr. Debarghya Goshwami
14. Commerce Club
Mr. Soumik Dutta
15. Rotaract Club
16. Youth Against Trafficking Club
Formed under the auspices of our Principal Rev. Fr. Dr. Father Donatus Kujur, YATC (Youth Against Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse Club) works against the heinous crimes such as Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse which are becoming the burning issues of our contemporary hill society which otherwise was unheard of till the recent past.
Ms. Sushma Ghose (nee Gurung)
17. SC & ST Cell
Dr. Sourojit Roy
18. Value Education Committee
Mr. Pravat M. Titimus
19. Placement and Career Guidance Cell
Mr. Praveen M. Titimus








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