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Welcome to the Student Zone, an online space created to empower students and support their academic journey. As a student, you are at the heart of our mission. We believe that education is not just about obtaining a degree, but also about exploring your passions, developing new skills, and creating a brighter future for yourself and those around you. At Student Zone, we offer a range of resources, programs, and services designed to help you succeed in your academic and personal pursuits. From our scholarship and placement programs to our guidance and counseling services, we are committed to providing you with the support and tools you need to reach your full potential. We are also proud to offer a platform for students to voice their opinions and concerns through our Grievance and Redressal Committee. In addition to these services, we invite you to check out our College Magazine, a forum for students to share their experiences, ideas, and creativity. And if you're looking for a unique extracurricular activity, we even have a Mushroom Cultivation program! So come and explore the Student Zone, and let us help you make the most of your college experience.

  • Students' Council

    • The Students' Council is responsible for organizing various events and activities for the students of the college.Placement and Guidance Cell

  • College Rules and Regulations

    • Keeping in view the aims and objectives of the College, students who are admitted in the College are obliged to observe and follow its rules, regulations and traditions.

  • Placement and Guidance Cell

    • The Placement and Guidance Cell helps students in finding suitable job opportunities. It also provides guidance to the students on their career prospects.

  • Grievance and Redressal Committee

    • The Grievance and Redressal Committee is responsible for addressing the grievances and complaints of the students and employees.

  • College Magazine

    • The College Magazine, North Pointer, is a multilangual magazine, published annually by the college. It contains articles, essays and poems written by the students and the faculty members in Nepali/Gorkha, English, Hindi and Bengali Language.

  • Co-curricular Activities

  • Lab Assisted Personality Schooling (LAPS)

    • LAPS aims at using a language lab to improve one’s language skills in order to be effective listener and communicator. Through film reviews and group discussions, the learners can learn social etiquette and other soft skills which lead to personality development.

  • Counselling Centre

    • ​Counselling centre has made a positive impact in the lives of students of the College. Competent counselors are available for those students who seek personal guidance. 

  • Mushroom Cultivation

    • The Mushroom Cultivation center is run by the department of Microbiology. It provides students an opportunity to learn about the cultivation of mushrooms and its commercial viability.

  • Value Education

  • For Syllabus, Question and Exams visit your Department or visit Syllabus




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