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  • The Teachers' Council is an established body that is responsible for ensuring quality in the teaching and learning processes, as well as evaluations in a college setting. The council also oversees the planning and implementation of various activities related to the academic health of the college, such as admissions, examinations, sports, cultural activities, research, and extension activities.

  • The Teachers' Council comprises of all the full-time teachers who hold substantive positions at the college. The council is led by the Principal of the college, who serves as its President. The Secretary of the Council is elected/selected by the members. The Teachers' Council forms several committees, which are composed of both senior and junior teachers selected from among the council's members.

  • These committees are formed to deal with different aspects of the college's academic activities, and their responsibilities may vary depending on the nature of their work. The committees work closely with the Teachers' Council to ensure the smooth functioning of the college's academic programs.

  • Overall, the Teachers' Council plays a critical role in ensuring the academic excellence of a college by monitoring the quality of teaching, evaluating the learning outcomes, and overseeing the planning and implementation of various academic activities. Through its committees, the council ensures that the college's academic programs are well-designed and effectively implemented to meet the needs of the students and the broader academic community.

  • The current Teacher’s Council was formed on 14.06.2021 and the present Teachers’ Council Secretary is Dr. Pathik Roy.



Dr. Pathik Roy


Teachers' Council








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