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St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling is known for its rich cultural and academic heritage. Throughout the academic year, the college organizes various events that celebrate its diverse cultural traditions and foster a sense of community among students, faculty, and alumni. These events range from the annual Induction Program and Freshers' Welcome to Foundation Day, Alumni Meets, and Graduation Day. Each event provides a unique opportunity for students to engage with the rich history and traditions of the college, while also showcasing the talent and creativity of its student body.



  • Induction Programme

    • The Induction Programme of St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling is an important event that takes place at the beginning of each academic year. This programme is designed to introduce new students to the college, its culture, and its values. The Father Principal of the college usually delivers a speech during this programme, which provides an overview of the college's history, mission, and vision.

      The Induction Programme is an opportunity for students to get a sense of what life will be like at St. Joseph's College. They will learn about the various academic programmes and extracurricular activities that the college offers, as well as the resources and support services available to them. The programme also provides a platform for students to interact with their peers and faculty members, helping them to form connections and build a sense of community. Overall, the Induction Programme is an important event that helps new students to feel welcomed and supported as they begin their academic journey at St. Joseph's College.

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  • Freshers' Welcome

    • The Freshers' Welcome Programme is an eagerly anticipated event that takes place each year at St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling. Held in the month of July, this programme is designed to welcome new students to the college and help them feel a sense of belonging to the college community.

      During the Freshers' Welcome Programme, senior students and faculty members extend a warm welcome to the new students, introducing them to the various aspects of college life. The programme typically includes speeches, performances, and interactive sessions, all aimed at helping new students to get to know the college and their fellow students better.

      The Freshers' Welcome Programme is an important event in the college calendar, as it provides new students with an opportunity to build relationships with their peers and faculty members, and to feel more at home in their new environment. Through this programme, St. Joseph's College aims to create a welcoming and inclusive community that supports the academic, personal, and social growth of all its students.

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  • Foundation Day
    • Foundation Day is a significant event for St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling, as it marks the establishment of the college. The day is celebrated every year on a date that coincides with the founding of the college. On Foundation Day, the college community comes together to celebrate the history, achievements, and values of St. Joseph's College. The day is usually marked by a series of events, including speeches, cultural performances, and felicitation of the meritorious students and with college memento and certificates. .
      The celebration of Foundation Day serves as a reminder of the rich legacy of St. Joseph's College and the contributions that it has made to the community over the years. It also provides an opportunity for students, faculty members, alumni, and supporters of the college to come together and renew their commitment to the college's mission and values.
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  • Graduation Day
    • Graduation Day is an important milestone in the academic journey of students at St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling. This day marks the completion of their degree programs and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. It also provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their time at St. Joseph's College and to acknowledge the support and guidance of their teachers and mentors.
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  • Harmony
    • The Harmony Programme is an annual event held at St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling. It was conceptualized and brought into reality in 2008 under the coordination of Dr. Anirudra Gurung with senior members of the college. The programme celebrates diversity, unity, and cultural exchange. It provides a platform for students from different backgrounds and cultures to come together and share their unique perspectives and traditions.
      During the Harmony Programme, students perform various cultural acts, including music, dance, drama, and poetry, showcasing their cultural heritage and promoting intercultural understanding under competitive or non-competitive categories. The winners are felicitated with awards and certificates. The event is usually attended by students, faculty members, and guests, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.
      The Harmony Programme is an important event at St. Joseph's College, as it reinforces the college's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It provides an opportunity for students to learn from one another, celebrate their differences, and foster a sense of unity and belonging.
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  • Alumni Meet

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