• Membership: Library membership will be given to the first semester students, when they receive college identity cards. A separate notice will be put up on membership schedule, days and hours.

  • Library orientation: Library orientation programme is held every year for the First Semester students. The schedule is duly notified after the admission closed.

  • Entry: No students will be allowed to enter the library without Identity Card as well as Library Cards. Outsiders should not be brought to the library.

  • On silence: Library is a place for serious self-study. All must maintain a conducive atmosphere for silent study. Disturbance of any kind is strictly forbidden. Those violating the rule of silence may be asked to leave the library.

  • On sitting arrangement: The long tables will have 2 to 3 chairs each side. No more chairs would be gathered and there would be maintenance of distance as per direction.

  • Hand hygiene: Use sanitizer (spray / liquid) kept at library entrance and maintain hand hygiene.

  • Library cards are not transferable: Library cards are not to be transferred, exchanged or shared. One can return other’s book(s) and thereafter should return the card(s) to the owner.

  • Circulation hour: Borrowed books are to be returned in the morning: 9-00 to 11-30 AM; and Library books are to be borrowed in the afternoon: 1-00 to 3-00 PM. There will be no circulation (issue/return) on Saturday.

  • Borrowing of books: Books borrowed by a student must be returned within 14 days.

  • Use of catalogue: If you do not know the procedure to search catalogue-entries, on the matter of filling up the requisition slips, seek assistance of library staff. There is also OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) to search library books. Usernames and passwords are mentioned beside every computer at user area.

  • Internet Resources: Internet resources are available through 11 computers kept in the user area. E-journals and e-books are made available through NLIST service of INFLIBNET. For NLIST, usernames and passwords are mentioned beside every computer at user area.

  • Reference Books: Reference books and rare books for consultation will be issued only on submission of pink coloured consultation card. These books will not be lent out.

  • On mutilation of books: One should examine the condition of books while borrowing and report to the Librarian / Library Attendant immediately if any damage is noticed. Books are to be handled carefully. The borrower will be responsible for any damage or mutilation of the borrowed book.

  • Loss of any Library Card: Students should not lose any library card. Loss of any library card must be reported to Library Staff immediately.

  • Clearance: Clearance is given through a prescribed form available at the Main Office. Library will take all the library cards back to be destroyed and sign the prescribed form on clearance.



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