Attendance at lectures is compulsory. According to the University regulations, a minimum of 75% attendance is required in each subject in order to qualify for appearing in the University Examinations. After one month of the commencement / resumption of classes, there will be a general counting and students without the required percentage of attendance will be warned. At the end of the second month, there will be another counting and students without 75% attendance will be fined. Yet another counting of attendance will be done after the fourth month and students who are not likely to attain the required attendance will be asked to repeat the year or leave the College.



  1. For any emergency, students must apply in writing to the Vice-Principal (Academic) for leave. Such leave letters must be countersigned by their parents/ guardians. In case of illness which necessitates prolonged absence from the College, permission has to be sought by the parents of the student concerned. Any request for medical leave should be accompanied by medical certificate of a registered medical practitioner and must be submitted immediately on return to the College after the treatment. After any leave, students must get admit chits from the Vice-Principal (Academic) in order to attend classes.
  2. Students who remain absent for a month or more and if they have not sought the permission of the Vice - Principal (Academic) for the same will have their names removed automatically from the College Rolls.
  3. Students participating in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities must get a recommendation letter from the Staff Co-ordinator and meet the Vice-Principal (Academic) for their attendance.
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